Residential Solar rooftop Panel Installation for Home - It's More Affordable Than You Think

Going solar on your roof is super cost-effective. It means saving big bucks each month compared to your electric bill! Utilities just keep raising prices too. But with solar, you produce your own power so those costs are history.

Plus studies show homes with solar panels are now worth more money. Like 5-10% more value! So not only are you saving each month, but home solar boosts how much your house is worth down the line. Talk about a smart investment!

These days, technology makes it really easy to harness the sun's energy. Special solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity you can use or send back to the grid. No more depending on power plants that pollute either. By switching to rooftop solar, your home will be powered by one of nature's most abundant resources instead. And you've got total control over your family's energy supply. Even on cloudy days or when the power goes out, your solar system can keep lights on or phones charged.

Solar Panel Home Installation: Save Money and Boost Value

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity you use directly, eliminating expensive electricity bills. Studies show solar homes also appreciate 5-10% in value, making solar a smart investment.

Thanks to government programs, solar is more affordable than ever. Many states offer tax breaks or cash rebates for installations. For most homeowners, these benefits offset over half the upfront cost. And new financing options now let you go solar for little to no money down.

Reliable Power You Control

Once installed, solar means consistent energy you control at home. Solar panels have been working for decades with little maintenance required. Even during storms or power outages, your solar system can keep essentials running. Battery storage provides backup power day and night.

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Get Subsidies under Free Solar Rooftop Scheme

Recently, the Government of India has started the Free Solar Rooftop Scheme 2024 to offer subsidies to make installing solar panels affordable. At Rishika Kraft, we work directly with the MNRE and your local utility company to help homeowners like you receive subsidies.

Getting your roof outfitted with solar doesn't have to be expensive. With the money we can help you get from the government, your out-of-pocket costs will be way lower. We'll guide you through all the paperwork too.

Give us a call to learn how we can simplify the process and help you start saving with free solar energy and subsidies. Reducing your energy costs has never been so easy!

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Why Choose Us

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Expert Installation and Service

The solar experts at Rishika Kraft have years of experience installing home solar systems. You can trust us to handle the entire process from start to finish with high quality workmanship.

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Customized Systems

We'll assess your roof, electricity usage, and budget to design a solar panel setup perfectly for your home and lifestyle.

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Subsidy Assistance

We help you to get subsidies from the government's Free Solar Rooftop Scheme. We'll guide you through all the paperwork.

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24/7 Support

You'll have our team of specialists available for any questions or assistance now or in the future. We ensure your solar investment provides cost-effective, sustainable power with our continued service and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average household in India consumes 1000 KWh of electricity per month. For such a home, a 5KW rooftop solar power system can provide significant savings. As per the case study cited, a household with a monthly consumption of 1000 KWh installed a 5KW rooftop solar panels. With solar panels meeting a portion of their electricity needs, the homeowners reduced their monthly electricity bills considerably. Specifically, the data shows these homeowners saved approximately Rs. 3,300 every month.

Yes, absolutely. Homes with solar panels typically appreciate 5-10% more than similar homes without solar. So solar is a great way to boost your property's worth.

With tax credits and rebates that cover over half the cost, plus low or no-money-down financing options, solar is more affordable than ever before for most homeowners.

Very little - solar panels are designed to work reliably for decades with minimal upkeep. The simple occasional cleaning is usually all that's needed.

Yes! Even on cloudy days or during an outage, a solar system with battery backup can keep essential lights, appliances or devices running when you need them most.