Solar System for Home in India: Government Subsidy

When you consider installing solar panels for your home, the first thing that comes to your mind is "How much does it cost to install solar panels in home". Right?? Well, installing solar systems at home is not as expensive as you think. After getting the benefits of government subsidies on solar systems for homes, it becomes an affordable initiative, especially in the long run.

So, let's explore government solar subsidy schemes and the process to avail them.

Government Subsidies for Solar Panels in Domestic Homes

As you know, installing solar panels is a big investment, so the primary aim of subsidies is to motivate people to embrace solar energy.

The solar subsidy program allows homeowners to save up to 60% on the total installation costs for rooftop solar panels. These significant savings make installing solar energy on rooftops very appealing. Both individuals and group housing societies can take advantage of the program.

Solar panel government scheme: Calculating Solar Subsidy Amounts

The amount of subsidy offered depends on the size of the solar energy system installed:

  • Systems up to 2kW are eligible for up to ₹30,000/kW in subsidies.

  • 3kW systems receive ₹78,000.

  • Larger systems over 3kW still get ₹78,000.

Up to 2kW 3 kWp Over 3kW
₹30,000/ kW ₹78,000 ₹78,000 (fixed)

The subsidy is based on the module or inverter capacity, whichever is lower. Some states offer additional subsidies on top of the national program.

How to Apply for Government Solar Panel Subsidy

To simplify the process, the government launched a National Portal for Rooftop Solar. Now, homeowners can apply, track their application, and receive subsidy funds directly in their bank accounts - all online from anywhere in India.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify, projects must be registered on the portal and use domestic solar panels and equipment. Installations must follow all MNRE guidelines and be done by an approved vendor. Homeowners submit their application and feasibility is assessed within 15 days.

Installation and Payment

Once approved, homeowners install their system through a registered vendor. Net metering approval and an inspection are conducted. With all requirements met, a commissioning certificate is issued, and subsidy funds are deposited within 30 days.

India's growing solar subsidy program is making clean energy more accessible than ever for homeowners across the nation.

Subsidy on Solar Panels in Haryana

The state government understands homes need affordable, reliable energy. That's why they're subsidizing rooftop solar panel costs in Haryana. Through the MNRE, residents can lower the price of their solar power systems.

Solar Panel Subsidy in Haryana

Whether your system is 3 kW or 10 kW, you save upfront with government solar subsidies in Haryana. However, subsidies only apply if the installation passes inspection and connects to your meter. DISCOMs verify system sizes too.

Solar Panel Price in Haryana

Electricity prices are high, but solar generates power at a lower per-watt cost over time. Upfront costs include panels, labor, and mounting. But subsidies cut these investments significantly.

Factors like your location, needs, and space determine the best system. Mounting panels on pergolas is one space-saving option. Get a customized quote from experts like Rishika Kraft to estimate your full setup.

Solar Panel Price Haryana with Subsidy

So you want to go solar but not sure what it'll cost? No problem, here is the solar panel price in Haryana with a subsidy.

First off, the government here only provides subsidies based on the lowest bid price solar companies offer, called the L1 rate. For smaller systems between 1-3 kW, the L1 is around ₹39,450. Larger systems from 3-10 kW have an L1 of ₹38,090.

Now for the good part - how much you save with subsidies on solar in Haryana! Systems under 3 kW get a 40% subsidy on the L1 price. So if the L1 is ₹39,450, you'll get 40% of that amount subtracted from the total cost.

Larger systems from 3-10 kW qualify for a 20% subsidy. On an L1 of ₹38,090, that's 20% taken off.

The capacity of the solar system Subsidy on solar panel in Haryana without GST
1KW Rs. 15,780
2KW Rs. 31,560
3KW Rs. 47,340
4KW Rs. 53,326
5KW Rs. 60,944
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Frequently Asked Questions

The solar Panel subsidy in 2024 varies by location and government policies, but it typically provides financial incentives or rebates to encourage the adoption of solar energy systems.

The price of a 3kW solar panel in India with subsidy varies depending on factors like brand, quality, and location, but it typically ranges from ₹1,00,000 to ₹1,50,000 after subsidy.

Running an AC on a 3kW solar power system depends on factors such as AC efficiency, sunlight availability, and other appliances' power consumption. It may be possible with careful planning and energy management.

Whether a 3kW solar system is sufficient for a house depends on factors like energy consumption, sunlight availability, and household needs. It may be adequate for some households but not others.

The ideal kW size for solar depends on factors such as energy consumption, roof space, sunlight availability, and budget. A professional assessment can help determine the optimal size for your needs.