Solar Installation for Commercial Purposes

To run your commercial operations smoothly, harness the power of reliable solar energy. Our commercial solar solutions are designed to provide sustainable, cost-effective power for your business's unique needs.

Commercial Solar Plant: Custom Solutions That Fit Your Space

Every business has different space and energy requirements. That's why we offer customized commercial solar solutions. Our team will learn about your space, energy usage patterns, and budget. Then, we'll design options like rooftop panels, ground arrays, or solar carports that maximize production and fit your property.

Some businesses have huge rooftop areas for panels, while others need a ground installation. Or maybe a carport combo is the perfect fit. We'll find the best on-site solution for you!

Long-Term Savings On Commercial Solar Power Installation

Our commercial solar systems deliver substantial cost benefits over time. By getting the most out of solar power, businesses can stabilize energy expenses and reduce rates compared to the fluctuating utility market. Over the life of the system, savings really add up.

And with no upfront costs thanks to financing options, switching to solar is more affordable than ever. Government incentives further boost the financial benefits. Your investment pays for itself within years!

Solar Panel Installation: Reliable, Low-Maintenance Energy

As a renewable source, solar energy is reliable and consistent. Our systems are designed to withstand all weather and require little maintenance for decades of optimal performance. Remote monitoring ensures any issues are addressed quickly so your operations face minimal disruptions.

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Easy EMIs

Rishika Kraft enables the financing of your Solar Power Generation System. Special financing for the project
is available from leading Banks & NBFCs at attractive rates and terms.

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Top Solar
Financing Partners

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Easy Loan

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Rates & Terms

Financial Assistance from Leading NBFCs

At Rishika Kraft, we make commercial solar installations accessible and affordable through innovative financial assistance programs. We have partnered with leading NBFCs like Syndicate Bank and Acco Financial Services to offer customized financing solutions.

This includes flexible EMI plans scaling to meet the needs of any commercial solar project, from small 5kW rooftop systems to massive 500kW ground-mount arrays. Businesses can start realizing the savings and sustainability benefits of solar immediately through low-pressure monthly payments.

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Our Work Process

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Free Site Visit

The first step is for our experts to visit your property and assess its suitability for solar energy. They will inspect your roof/land and evaluate how large a system would be appropriate based on factors like energy needs and space availability.

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EMI Assistance

Once a proposed system design is ready, we will help you with EMI options for affordable payments. This makes the transition to solar more financially feasible.

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Speedy Installation

Next, installation gets underway. Our highly skilled team aims to complete the job swiftly, usually within 1-7 days depending on the scale.

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Testing and Commissioning

Finally, we will test your new solar power system to ensure everything is functioning properly. Then it's time to start enjoying free, clean electricity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have a small shop or a huge warehouse, pretty much any business can benefit from solar. We've installed on offices, stores, schools, farms - all sorts of spaces.

Pricing varies based on your property and energy needs. But with incentives and financing, most businesses see a return on their investment within 5-10 years. Our free assessment estimates your potential savings.

No. Our systems are super low-maintenance. An annual or semi-annual checkup is all that's usually needed. And our remote monitoring alerts us to anything else, so you're never without power.

Quality solar panels come with 25-year performance warranties and will keep generating clean energy well past that. With almost no moving parts, they're a durable investment that can power your operations for decades.

No problem! As your business grows, we can easily add more panels or storage to increase your solar capacity without disrupting your operations. Just give us a call when you're ready to scale up your renewable energy usage.