Solar Energy Company In IMT Manesar

It goes without saying that the surge in electricity bills has been a stressful topic for many users. This has led them to search for alternative energy sources, and the best option available is solar energy. The utilization of solar energy is increasing either to reduce sky-high electricity bills or to use it as a power backup. We are the leading solar energy company in Manesar, excelling in providing a range of solar solutions. We offer solar solutions tailored to your energy requirements and needs in the most convenient, affordable, and effective way.

Rishika Kraft is well-known for offering a broad range of services related to solar energy, including engineering, designing, procurement, installation, and commissioning of solar power plants. Choose one of the best solar companies in Manesar that offers the most effective solar solutions to meet your requirements.

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Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are increasingly favored in today's energy sector for their ability to generate cost-free energy and being the cleanest energy source available. By harnessing energy from the Sun, solar panels eliminate the need for ongoing fuel or gas to power electricity, making them an ideal choice for reducing high electricity bills and addressing power outage issues. At Rishika Kraft, our solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind.

Installing solar panels on your home's roof, office, or factory offers significant benefits beyond cost savings and reliability. It enhances your environmental footprint by producing zero carbon emissions and requiring minimal maintenance. Solar panels also increase property value and provide a quick return on investment, typically within a few years. Their long lifespan ensures sustained energy savings and operational efficiency.


Our Work Process

Project Planning

Our team of engineers thoroughly assesses your property and energy needs to develop the most suitable solar solution. We examine factors like space, usage patterns, and maintenance requirements.

Sourcing Materials

With years of industry experience, we efficiently source high-quality solar panels, inverters and other major equipment best suited to your project from pre-vetted suppliers.

System Installation

Our experienced technicians skillfully install your complete turnkey system, from mounting structures and wiring to commissioning. Their quick, neat work ensures everything is functioning optimally.

Maintenance & Monitoring

We provide complete EPC services like performance monitoring, maintenance visits, and troubleshooting for the lifespan of your system. Our goal is to maximize your returns from investment in renewable energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rishika Kraft is a leading solar installation company offering comprehensive solar solutions. We specialize in ground mounts, rooftop panels, transmission lines, street lights, and more. Our experts manage projects from design to installation and maintenance.

We offer three flexible EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) options: turnkey projects where we handle everything, an installation-focused model, and EPC management services overseeing the process.

We ensure quality and reliability by using top-grade solar components from trusted brands designed to last decades. Our experienced team installs systems efficiently and ensures correct setup for optimal performance.

Our project process involves thorough assessment and design, sourcing high-quality gear efficiently, professional installation by our technicians, and comprehensive maintenance and monitoring services throughout the system's lifetime.

Contact us to discuss your specific energy needs and property details. Our experts are ready to recommend the ideal solar solution and guide you through our services from start to finish.