Rishika Kraft's Solar EPC Services

Rishika Kraft is your one stop solution for your solar needs. As a full-service EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) company, we make the solar installation process as simple as possible. Whether you need a ground mount array, rooftop panels, or transmission lines set up, our in-house team of experts can handle the entire process from start to finish.

Solar EPC Services: Quality Equipment Sourcing

Rishika Kraft only uses top-quality solar components for reliability. We source solar panels, microinverters, racking hardware and other parts from the most trusted brands. Our procurement process ensures your system performs at maximum efficiency for decades.

Experienced Professionals for Solar Installation

Our engineers, project managers, and technicians all have years of experience designing and installing successful solar solutions. They work seamlessly together to ensure projects are completed on schedule and budget. Rest assured, we deliver high quality work every time.

Our Solar EPC Services include:

  • Ground-based projects

  • Rooftops SPV

  • Superstructures

  • Solar Street Light

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Three EPC Options at Rishika Kraft

We offer three flexible EPC models so you can choose the level of involvement that suits your needs best:

1. Turnkey EPC: We handle all aspects of engineering, equipment sourcing, installation, and maintenance for a fixed price. This is a hassle-free way to get your solar system up and running.

2. Installation & Commissioning: For larger jobs, we can install and connect your equipment while you source the major components yourself. We guarantee our workmanship.

3. EPC Management: We'll design your system and oversee installation, but you supply components and choose your own contractor. We stand behind our designs.


Our Work Process

Project Planning

Our team of engineers thoroughly assesses your property and energy needs to develop the most suitable solar solution. We examine factors like space, usage patterns, and maintenance requirements.

Sourcing Materials

With years of industry experience, we efficiently source high-quality solar panels, inverters and other major equipment best suited to your project from pre-vetted suppliers.

System Installation

Our experienced technicians skillfully install your complete turnkey system, from mounting structures and wiring to commissioning. Their quick, neat work ensures everything is functioning optimally.

Maintenance & Monitoring

We provide complete EPC services like performance monitoring, maintenance visits, and troubleshooting for the lifespan of your system. Our goal is to maximize your returns from investment in renewable energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rishika Kraft is the best solar installation company that offers all-in-one solar solutions. As a full-service EPC company, we offer solutions for ground mounts, rooftop panels, transmission lines, street lights and more. Our experts can handle projects from design to installation to maintenance.

We have three flexible EPC options - turnkey projects where we manage everything, an installation-focused model, and an EPC management service where we oversee the process.

We only use top-grade solar components from trusted brands that are designed to last for decades. Our experienced team has years of expertise in installing systems efficiently and correctly.

Our process involves thorough assessment and design, efficient sourcing of high-quality gear, professional installation by our technicians, and comprehensive maintenance and monitoring services for the lifetime of the system.

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific energy needs and property details. Our experts are ready to recommend the ideal solar solution and guide you through our services from start to finish.