Powering Industries with Solar Solutions

At Rishika Kraft, we understand how energy is important for keeping industrial operations running smoothly. Our industrial solar solutions are designed to provide sustainable, cost-effective, and reliable power to suit the unique needs of industries everywhere. Whether you've got a small manufacturing space or a huge industrial complex, our solar options are customized to boost energy efficiency and cut costs.

Affordable Solar Panel Installation for Industries

Industries have immense energy requirements. Traditional power can be pricey and bad for the environment too. That's where solar power comes in - it's a total game changer. By soaking up all that sunshine, industrial solar is a renewable source that helps reduce your carbon footprint while managing your needs.

Custom Solutions for Industrial Solar Needs

All industries have different energy demands, so we make customized solar plans just for you. Our team will learn about your usage, site, and goals. Then we'll design options like rooftop panels, ground installations, or covered carports to maximize savings and production.

Benefits of Industrial Solar Installation

Our industrial solar installation solutions come with tons of perks. Not only is it reliable, but it saves big time in the long haul too. By going solar, industries can stabilize and lower expenses to boost their bottom line. It also shows stakeholders and neighbours that you're protecting the environment, which is great for business.

Seamless Industrial Solar Installation and Maintenance

We make sure solar integration is simple and doesn't disrupt operations. Installs are carefully planned and done so you can work worry-free. And advanced monitoring on our systems lets us track performance and handle upkeep to keep it running optimally.

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Easy EMIs

Rishika Kraft enables the financing of your Solar Power Generation System. Special financing for the project
is available from leading Banks & NBFCs at attractive rates and terms.

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Top Solar
Financing Partners

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Easy Loan

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Rates & Terms

Financial Assistance for Solar Rooftop Systems

We help you to get financial solutions as well. We've teamed up with big names like Syndicate Bank and Acco Financial Services to offer easy EMI plans for solar installations large and small.

Whether you need a 5Kw system or a huge 500Kw setup for a big industrial building, we can connect you with financial help to make it happen.

Our NBFC partners provide flexible EMI options so anyone can start saving on electricity right away. No need to stress over large upfront costs. Affordable EMIs are here to put you in control of clean, cost-saving solar energy.


Our Work Process

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Free Site Visit

The first step is getting things started the right way. Our experts will come check out your property and go up on your roof. This lets us see if solar is a good fit and figure out exactly how big a system you need.

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EMI Assistance

We'll give you a plan with the best equipment and design. Then, we help navigate any paperwork or assist you with EMI options that save you money.

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After that, it's time for installation! Our team knows how to get the job done fast - usually between 1 to 7 days, depending on the size.

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Finally, we test everything out and get your solar system powered up. From there, you can start enjoying free electricity from the sun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our solar options come with lots of benefits like reliable energy, major long-term savings on bills, and protecting the environment to boost your business.

We'll learn about your industry, site, and energy goals. Then our team designs options like rooftop panels or ground arrays tailored exactly for your needs.

Nope, we plan installs carefully so you can work without issues. Solar gets added seamlessly.

Our analysis shows returns on investment, payback timelines, and savings from incentives. Switching means stable, lower power costs for years ahead.

As commercial solar experts, we've completed tons of industrial jobs so you know your project is in reliable hands from start to finish.